Our Frequently Asked Questions attempt to help you answer some of the most common questions we receive from new visitors. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to call us or complete the form to Get A Free Demo and one of our helpful representatives will be in touch to personally assist you.

How does our website provide lower rates?
There are many answers to this question:

1. Reduced cost of delivering our services.
By leveraging the power and economies of the Internet, we can deliver our exclusive benefits economically and efficiently, reducing overall costs.

2. With a large customer base and volume purchase power, we have preferred rates from our travel suppliers.
We partner with the best suppliers for each benefit. They partner with us because we offer them an opportunity to move their products and services to our clientele, at price points they cannot provide in the public markets. Therefore, the key to our ability to make such great deals for our clients is that we only offer these rates to members who sign up.

3. Reduced marketing and customer acquisition costs.
Because the marketing and services are provided online our customer acquisition costs are greatly reduced. As a result the membership fee is also reduced.

4. We pass commissions and savings directly on to our clients.
This ensures that the benefits and services we provide are always the lowest that can be found in the market.
Additionally, while travel agencies pay commissions to their agents, ours earn NO commission. Therefore, their only priority is YOU. Getting you the very best price on your itinerary, with the best supplier, is their ONLY goal.

5. Client satisfaction.
Providing our clients with an outstanding array of relevant benefits, at the best prices, is the key to our success. As a result, our client base continues to grow, ever increasing our leverage and buying power.

What is the difference between the membership options?
There are several SIGN UP levels that allow access to the unpublished rates. The Premium and VIP memberships both offer true cost rates with NO mark-ups. Vip gives you access to exclusive travel inventory such as Vacation Homes, Vacation Condos, Cheap Weeks, Discount Airfare and much more.
What are vacation condos?
Vacation condos are luxury accommodations that have larger units and offer more amenities than hotels, Condo Net Rates offers these accommodations for less than the cost of a hotel stay and can be booked conveniently online with one of our paid memberships at very low rates starting at $199 a week.
How long before I can start booking travel when I sign up?
You will be able to make your first reservation immediately after sign up. If your identity is not verified it may take longer to process and one of our agents will contact you.
Why do I have to wait before I can start using the paid membership travel booking engine?
Travel Net Rates assigns each paid membership member a secured (Password Protected) account. Every registered member’s information is verified and monitored because they will be accessing a live network of exclusive inventory and special rates. If your identity is not verified you will not have access to the travel booking engine.
Is there a limit to how much travel I can book?
No. You can book as much travel as you like for yourself and the family residing within your household.
Can I book travel for my family and friends?
You can book travel at anytime for family residing within your household, however you can only book travel for friends and family outside of your household, if they are traveling with you on the same itinerary. There is a maximum of 10 people that can be included in a single booking, more than 10 people will be considered a group booking and may require an additional fee. See terms and conditions.
Can I arrange all the travel for the corporation I work for, am I able to open a corporate account?
Please use Contact Us to request information about a corporate membership.
Can anyone join Travel Net Rates?
Anyone 21 and over. (Qualifications and Verification required)
How much does a membership cost?
Please take a LIVE DEMO
Can anyone else use my membership?
No. When you join Travel Net Rates you will create a password to access your account. As a member you will be responsible for each transaction processed through your account. It is recommended you do not disclose your password or account information to anyone.
How do I start booking travel?
Sign up log in and begin booking instantly on the search engines of your choice. All travel is booked directly online. Once you make your booking you will receive an email with your confirmation number you may call the phone number provided on the email for 24 hour support.
Can I call to speak to an agent to book for me?
You may only do so if you have VIP membership access. However you may call us to help us guide you if you are having technical difficulties or would like some guidance booking. Provided you are signed up.